The Theory of Growth Mindset


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In their article, “Learning and Performance Zones in Sports,” authors Jeremy Frith and Eduardo Briceño apply the concepts of growth mindset to athletics, specifically to practices (learning zones) and events (performance zones).  In short, if the “learning zone” is effective and the athlete is trained to learn and grow during practices, then improved performance will naturally occur during the sporting event (performance zone).  While geared to athletics, the lesson is clear and consistent with what we continually report here at Holy Angels: Focus on the learning, not the grade, and the scores will improve. When students focus on the score/grade, rather than mastering the concepts, they will come up short.  Briceño claims that most of us, while desiring to do our best, spend too much time in the performance zone.  Ironically, this “hinders our growth and ultimately, our performance.”  This article has an added bonus of the author’s TED Talk on “How to Get Better at the Things We Care Most About.”  The lesson is particularly timely as students are nearing the end of the school year and worrying about finals.


Read Learning and Performance Zones in Sports


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