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Dear Parents,

Normally, I’d be recommending a current article highlighting recent trends in Growth Mindset theory. This time, however, I have a larger “assignment” for parents. We can call it summer reading! Teasing aside, I am recommending Jessica Lahey’s The Gift of Failure, because of its timeliness and because it addresses student resiliency, an issue educators are dealing with more and more each year.   I originally purchased this book because of the growing number of students I see struggling with anxiety and fear. Ironically, I see this in some of our highest achieving students, who, at times, grapple the most with insecurity, lack of motivation, and depression. Lahey seems to do a lot of finger wagging at parents, but if you can get past her reprimands, there is some good advice sprinkled throughout the book. While Lahey’s mission is not to promote Growth Mindset, she certainly supports it and uses its pillars in working with students and parents.

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