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Dear Parents and Students, 

I am thrilled to be writing this letter as Principal of Academy of the Holy Angels.  My journey is a long one that began as a student here many years ago and while the world has changed greatly since that time, the mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame has not changed for it is timeless: education can be transformative and produce the changes the world needs the most.

Holy Angels is known for its strong academic program. While some schools may claim to offer academic excellence, Holy Angels’ strength lies in its ability to empower young women to think differently and to become leaders. Here, girls are afforded leadership opportunities as we prepare young women for future challenges and opportunities in a complex, diverse and ever- changing world. We promote service, self-awareness, spirituality and leadership with the ultimate goal that young women will share what they’ve learned with their families, communities, and with the larger global community as well.

Through a top notch STREAM program, AP course offerings, academic rigor, opportunity for service, exploration through the arts and an extensive extracurricular program, students are challenged in multitudinous ways.   Daily, you will find our students thinking critically, asking essential questions, problem solving, working collaboratively, using innovative technologies, praying, effectively communicating, being creative, developing time management skills, in short: learning the tools and skills they need to effect change in the 21st century. 

Our educational philosophy and traditions inspire confident young women who are strong, compassionate, independent yet nurturing and who value the dignity of all people. Students spend valuable time building relationships with God, with peers and teachers, with family and friends and with self. We believe in helping students build roots that are deep and strong; the foundation they will need and return to throughout their lives. We are dedicated to working with girls who are willing to challenge themselves and who have a desire to stretch and grow. 

While preparation for college, for career, and for life has changed dramatically over the years, reaching one’s potential and recognizing one’s responsibility to be an active and transforming member of society has not.  This is why I can, with great confidence, affirm that Women Leaders Begin Here.  

May God’s Blessings be yours,
Jean Mullooly


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