AHA Principal Jennifer Moran

July 2017

Dear Parents,

It is officially summer at the Academy! Final Honor Roll certificates, report cards and weightedtranscripts were mailed on June 23rd. Students will receive their list of courses for the 2017-18 schoolyear by the first week of July. If there was a conflict with a student’s electives, new electives wereassigned where there was an opening in her schedule. You will need your daughter’s course numbersto order books and consumable items associated with her classes (www.backtoooks.com/holyangels.asp). Students are expected to report to school in September witheverything they need to begin their academic year. This means you must complete your orders byAugust 20th in order to ensure the books arrive on time.

By now, all offices are closed and will reopen August 21st. If you have questions regarding coursesor schedules, you can email Mrs. Kunz, our registrar, and she will get back to you when she returnson the 23rd.

May your families enjoy God’s good graces for the remainder of the summer and we look forward toseeing you in September!

Jean Mullooly

Academy of the Holy Angels

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