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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Diversity is interconnected to our mission and that of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. The Academy welcomes students from many different communities, ethnic backgrounds, and religious affiliations, appreciating the uniqueness of each individual.


The critical work of diversity, equity, and inclusion requires a deep, sustained partnership across all areas of our academy and community. Building a culture of inclusion within the Academy and elevating (highlighting) issues of inequity supports the goal to create an optimal learning environment and community in which all individuals can reach their full potential.


The Academy of the Holy Angels strives to be a community to which all members feel a sense of belonging and which supports each member in being their authentic self. The Academy is dedicated to helping students understand and explore what it means to think critically and to use those skills in making a more equitable and inclusive environment. We work to create awareness of the individual and collective biases that impede those goals and to help students develop the necessary skills to acknowledge and dismantle them.


Each member of AHA shares a responsibility to build a world, a task that involves time, effort, and perseverance. In order to address the needs of all members of our community, we pledge to abide by the Community Norms*, welcome challenging inquiry, and craft/design sustainable solutions and initiatives.


Developed by A. Jang ’23, M. Chang ’24, K. Walsh, J. Connelly, D. Holmes

Community Norms:

  • Speak from the “I” perspective.

  • Be fully present.

  • Be self-responsible and self-challenging.

  • Listen to understand.

  • Accept respectful conflict as a necessary catalyst for change.

  • Suspend judgment.

  • Be comfortable with silence.

  • Make mistakes and let go.

  • Lean into discomfort.

  • Respect confidentiality. Respect the candidness of others as a gift.

Events and Clubs:

  • Armenian Club

  • Asian American Cultural Club

  • Baltic & Slavic Cultural Society

  • Black & Hispanic Cultural Society

  • Café con Leche

  • Celtic Club

  • Equality Now

  • Celebration of Lights

  • French Club

  • Holi celebration

  • Italian Club

  • Jewish Cultural Society

  • Solidarity with Haiti

  • Real Talk

  • Self Care Fair

  • Vigil for Ukraine

  • AHA-Don Bosco Dialogue Room Collaboration

Guest Speakers: 


  • Ms. Theresa Flores – is a social worker and author of The Slave Across the Street and an American survivor of and campaigner against sex trafficking

  • Ms. Traci Chee – author of The Reader and Printz Honor Book and National Book Award Finalist We Are Not Free.

  • Mr. Asad Dandia and Dr. Jacob Labendz – Outreach and Partnerships manager at Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and Director of Gross Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Ramapo College

  • Father James J. Martin, SJ – author of Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity

  • Dr. Linda Terry – psychologist, Awareness Day 2022 keynote speaker on the topic of anxiety

  • Dr. Melba Pattillo Beals – one of the Little Rock Nine, author of Warriors Don’t Cry

  • Dr. Jennifer Jimenez Marana – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Professional, Trainer, and Consultant.

  • Ms. Edlyn Thompson-Mettle – Director of High School Enrichment Programs at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Holi Celebration
Father Martin

DEI Department

Danielle Holmes

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion