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Dean of Academics

Dear Parents and Students, 


Welcome! As the Dean of Academics at the Academy of the Holy Angels, I am fortunate to work alongside a dedicated and talented faculty and staff, who strive to provide our students with the opportunities and tools to help them to succeed. I encourage students to get to know them, especially their teachers and academic/college counselors. They will be instrumental throughout their years with us.


Our academic program endeavors to be transformative, empowering each student to reach the fullness of her potential so that she can then share her gifts with others. Our levels of instruction allow each of them to participate in courses that are tailored to their needs and aptitude. The goal is to place them in the courses that will challenge them with the expectation of a growth mindset in their learning process. I encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities that we provide during school hours, to help them along the way, such as Study Hall, Teacher Office Hours, and Student Success Center.


I welcome the parents and family members to participate and share in the students’ experiences as often as possible. Feel free to attend our many events and volunteer wherever possible. Your time here is but a few years, but the insight and memories gained will last a lifetime. 


I am looking forward to our journey together and seeing you all during our school days and the many upcoming events, performances, and competitions. Wishing you all a great academic year!



Carmen Quiñones
Dean of Academics