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The Academy can provide limited academic accommodations. Academic accommodations, as outlined below, can be offered to eligible students who hold an active Bergen County Special Services (BCSS) Service Plan (SP), Paramus, NJ, or an AHA Student 504 Plan for Learning. An AHA application is required to apply for academic accommodations. Depending upon the application, the process may take a few weeks – 3 months from start to completion. AHA does not offer Intervention & Referral Services Plans (I&RS). To receive consideration for any of these accommodations with the Academy, contact the Michael Statile, at 201-768-7822, ext. 271 for further information.

AHA offers a maximum of five (5) academic accommodations as outlined below.

  1. Extended-Time testing on Final Exams (50% = Time and ½)

  2. Extended-time for completion of long-term assignments (eg. term papers, research projects as deemed long-term by the teacher) of no longer than 1 school cycle (8 school numbered days) from the original due date of the long-term assignment. A regular student absence on a school-numbered day does change the due date of the long-term assignment.

  3. Preferential Seating (a seat in the first three rows of classrooms) in classrooms for academic courses.

  4. Scantron Use: The use of a scantron is not required for tests, quizzes, mid-terms, or final exams. Thus, students with academic accommodations may write their answers directly on their quiz/test/exam. (Note: This is a school-based accommodations and does not apply to any standardized test taken such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.).

  5. Extra Set of Textbooks (if available)

Please note: Extended-Time for homework, class tests, quizzes, assessments, or other class or class-related assignments/requirements is not granted.