Religious Studies

The Academy’s religious studies curriculum emphasizes the development of a personal relationship with God and an active prayer life. Scripture is central to every course in the religious studies curriculum. You will be introduced to Hebrew and Christian scriptures in the first two years. All other courses apply those scriptures to the personal, communal, and global aspects of life. Classes pray together and learn about liturgical and personal prayer, including the rosary, the Stations of the Cross, and guided meditation. Jesus’ vision of the Reign of God in our midst is the model for the woman of faith in the world.


AHA’s religious studies educators engage students on three levels: information, formation, and transformation. Religious studies courses at AHA seek to engage both the head and the heart, striving for the holistic growth of each student while taking into account adolescent developmental needs. The basics are integrated into all the courses so students can understand and articulate Catholic beliefs and practices.

  • Religion is not confined to the religious studies classroom. The practices and values that are studied, examined, and practiced in class permeate the entire school.
  • The Religious Studies Department works closely with Campus Ministry to ensure there are many opportunities for the entire school community to participate in the life of faith.
  • Religious studies teachers moderate activities such as Outreach, Kindness Klub, and Youth Group.

Requirements: All students are required to take four years of religious studies courses for graduation. 

Senior Year

The semester course, Christian Lifestyles (0401), is required for all AHA seniors. Two other quarter courses are selected as electives by preference.

Religious Studies Department

Kathleen Walsh

Religious Studies Department Chair

Sarah Allen

Religious Studies Teacher

Jonathan Blevis

Religious Studies Teacher

George Maize

Religious Studies Teacher

AnneMarie Ryan

Religious Studies Teacher