Religious Studies Courses

Requirements: All students are required to take four years of Religious Studies courses for graduation. 

God’s Revelation in Scripture 

This course analyzes Sacred Scripture in its many literary forms in order to better understand the faith message.  It involves a study of the major divisions of the Scriptures and how they are related to our faith life today.  Attention will be given to the themes of the prophetic writings and the role played by the literary prophets in the history of the Judeo-Christian people. (Grade 9) (Course # 0101)

Prayer: SSND Charism and Spirituality      

This course explores the meaning of prayer as a relationship with God and to provide opportunities for prayer experiences.  Students are introduced to the founding story of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, their charism and the goals of an SSND education.  They explore the nature of God, the praying person and the communication skills necessary for any relationship.  Attention is given to personal and liturgical prayer with specific reference to the Catholic liturgical cycle.(Grade 9) (Course # 0101)

Morality: Life in Christ

This course explores the nature of Christian morality, examines the process of conscience formation, the role of authority and responsibility in the exercise of freedom.  It studies the processes of value choosing and decision-making, presents a theology of sin and reconciliation, and invites the students to a model for response-morality. (Grade 10) (Course # 0201)

Who is Jesus Christ?

This course explores the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ by examining the theological and historical background of the gospels.  A study of the message of each gospel affects a clearer understanding of the challenge of Christian living.. (Grade 10) (Course # 0201)

Catholic Social Teaching: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society

This course is designed to raise the consciousness of the students to the network of injustice and oppression which are obstacles to the Christian task of building a global community.  Students will be led to an awareness of individual and corporate responsibility to establish justice based on the themes of Catholic Social Teaching. (Grade 10) (Course # 0201)

Sacraments: Encounters with Jesus

This course presents the sacraments as a celebration of Christ's values and His presence among us.  It seeks to explore the symbolic action of human life and the profound social dimension of sacramental experience.  In addition, a study of the historical, liturgical, and theological dimensions helps students discover the relationship between the sacraments and their own life.  (Grade 11) (Course # 0301)

World Religions 

This course shows how religion is a way of life for all peoples.  This is accomplished by the study of the development of religious awareness with a primary focus on the principal living religions of the world, including their beginnings, scriptures, beliefs and worship. (Grade 11) (Course # 0301)

Christian Lifestyles 

This course presents students with a comprehensive overview of Christian lifestyles.  It combines good information, sound psychology and a meaningful religious dimension.  Emphasis is on Christ as the model for Christian values inherent in marriage, the single life and the religious life. (Grade 12) (Course # 0401)

Death and Dying

This course is designed to help students acknowledge and confront the reality of death in a truly human way by a consideration of how we should deal with the dying, the beliefs about death and resurrection in Scripture, and the idea of creative grief.  Emphasis is on Christ as the one who is the Resurrection and the Life.(Grade 12) (Course # 0401)

Search for Meaning 

This course explores contemporary media and writers, alongside ancient thinkers in an attempt to understand the human search for the meaning of life.  Students will consider a spirituality that seeks to fulfill Jesus’ promise, “I came that they might have life, and have it to the full.” (Grade 12) (Course # 0401)


This course will build on the foundation of Catholic Social Teaching studied in the 10th grade.  The course will take an integrated approach of prayer, study and action to explore the many aspects of peacemaking, including modern day peacemakers and nonviolent social movements.  In light of the Gospel call to be peacemakers, students will learn and practice personal peacemaking skills. (Grade 12) (Course # 0401)

Women of Faith

This course begins with a second look at scripture--both Hebrew and Christian Testaments--to focus specifically on the stories and roles of women and the images of God already contained in the Bible. Emphasis will be on the unique contribution of women, past and present, in the areas of theology, prayer, social justice and morality as we discover what it means to be a woman of faith in our own time. (Grade 12) (Course # 0401)

Ethical Issues in Today's World

This course will address the meaning, the foundations and the requirements of ethics in general, building on the material covered in both the Morality and Catholic Social Teaching courses.  Students will then explore units in business ethics, medical ethics and ethics in a technological age using practical current case studies.  Focus on decision making and discernment will serve students as they encounter dilemmas in both their personal and professional lives. (Grade 12) (Course # 0402)

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