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Fine Arts

Discover why AHA is a magnet school for fine artists. Find confidence to create beauty and celebrate your individuality in a fine arts program based on the belief that each student has unlimited potential. As a student in the Academy’s art courses, you will explore and master traditional and experimental media and techniques in painting, drawing, design, photography, and sculpture. You will be encouraged to share your individual interpretation of subjects and observation from life, and develop your personal expression, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. Enjoy individual instruction in the studio environment and motivation through personal expression in group critiques. After four years of study in this area, you will have developed a competitive portfolio. Many AHA graduates go on to enjoy art as a rewarding life-long hobby or a career in architecture, fine art, art direction, and museum professions.

  • As you make art, you will develop essential skills in the formal elements of art and design and begin to understand the relationships of contemporary culture to the art of the past.

  • In our studio classes, you will participate in discussion, research, and reflection on historical influences and aesthetics.

  • Utilize computers to conduct research, create original works of art, and gain access to online museum image databases for the careful study of art and artifacts.

  • If you plan to pursue college-level study of world cultural history, you may take Advanced Placement Art History. This rigorous and rewarding course covers the relationship of art to the past. You will be challenged to make interdisciplinary connections and gain visual literacy skills.

Requirements: All students are required to take one quarter of Music Appreciation and one quarter of Art Appreciation in ninth grade. Sophomores are required to take a semester course in either art or music, and may elect another semester course in Performing Arts.

National Art Honor Society


The National Art Education Association launched NAHS in 1978 to inspire and recognize high school students who demonstrate an outstanding ability and interest in art. NAHS  encourages members to attain the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and bring art education to the attention of the school and community. AHA’s chapter is a service-driven organization for students in Grades 11 and 12. Projects include curating and installing winter and spring art shows at the Academy.

Fine Arts Faculty

Kathryn Biskup

Fine Arts Teacher

Christine DeGennaro

Fine Arts Teacher