International Students

International applicants must complete the Admissions Process listed below by April 7, 2017 for consideration. Decision Letters will be mailed out on April 14, 2017. Registration MUST be completed in full by May 1, 2017

We accept students from all over the world into our 9th and 10th grades at the beginning of the school year in September only. In the recent past we have students attending from Korea, China, the Caribbean and England. Students applying to transfer from overseas will be required to do the following:

  • Fill out either a 9th grade or transfer application and pay the application fee.
    • An International Student Application is required for all non-US citizens and US permanent residents (Green Card holders)
  • Take the SSAT in your home country.
    • Please visit for testing dates and locations.
    • Students visiting/living in the US may opt to take the COOP Exam and writing test at Holy Angels in lieu of the SSAT (may be done on the same day as an AFD visit - see below).
    • Scores of 70% or better are required on all portions of entrance exams.
  • Take the TOEFL or equivalent test of the English language
    • International applicants must have a working knowledge of the English Language.  A score of 21 (70%) or better on all sections of the TOEFL is required to be considered for admission.
    • All international students will be enrolled in ESL classes through Academy of the Holy Angels until their English skills can be assessed by our teachers. Additional costs for ESL may apply.
  • Foreign transcripts and full course names and descriptions must be translated, certified and submitted at the time of application. Students may contact World Education Services (WES) for translation services, if needed.
    • Transfer students applying to the 10th grade are asked to download and print the Teacher Recommendation Form and ask three teachers (Math, English, and one of your choice) to complete and submit them to AHA. Additional Important Information

The International Student must meet all the standard criteria for enrollment in terms of scholastic and/or paperwork:

  • Current Foreign Passport:
    • All Foreign passports are in English
    • Name on Passport and birthdate should match birth certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • For Incoming Transfer Students (within the U.S.) PLEASE review all Current Documentation:
    • Transfer students, or students who are currently in the U.S. with an F-1 Student Visa (Non-RCAN) are required to submit a copy of their current U.S. F-1 Student Visa as part of the RCAN registration process.
  • Emergency Contact Card:
    • Parental information-names, address, contact information to be kept on file at the school
    • The name of an adult, legal guardian, fluent in the English Language as the immediate contact person in case of an on-site school emergency
    • Note: Legal guardian must have the legal authority/power of attorney to make medical decisions on behalf of the student
  • Emergency Medical Form:
    • A current physical exam is required at the start of each and every school year.
    • Physicals are done on or after June 1, and submitted on the first day of school to the Homeroom Teacher.  Please do not mail the form as the school is closed during the summer. Fax copies CANNOT be accepted (NJ State Law). 
  • Housing Information and Adult Host Family Contact Info:
    • Residential address of where student will be living
    • Adult Host Family contact information
    • Host family members must comply with Archdiocesan Policy (Criminal background checks, attend Safe Environment Training, and attend meetings and functions required of domestic parents/guardians).
    • Student apartments, dormitory-style living, and unsupervised living arrangements are not acceptable.
  • Medical Coverage:
    • Proof of basic medical/emergency coverage should be part of any standard ISPO contract requirement
    • Students who are residing with family guardians in the U.S. must also show proof of coverage, and the name of an adult (fluent in the English Language) as the contact person in case of an emergency on school property
  • Immunization Records:
  • Power of Attorney Given to an English Speaking Adult Regarding Decision Making Authority:
    • Students must have a guardian in the U.S. who is an English speaking adult, who lives with the student; and is required to act in the best interest of the student, and on the child’s behalf in all matters.
  • Financial Ability & Tuition Assurance:
    • Full Payment of tuition and fees must be assured.
    • Tuition and fees are payable in advance of services.
  • Interview:
    • A one-on-one meeting with the student, parents(s), and host family adult should be held in person or by Skype.

An Angel for the Day (AFD) visit to AHA is not required for students living outside the U.S. However, visits are encouraged and welcomed for those students who wish to do so. Register Online

Students applying to the 9th grade must be no older than 15 as of September 1 for the school year they are applying for.
Students applying to the 10th Grade must be no older than 16 years as of September 1 for the school year they are applying for.

While Holy Angels does not typically allow foreign students to repeat a grade, our admissions decision takes into account the specific education situation of each applicant. 

International students who have played any organized sport(s) in their home country must provide documentation concerning the level and years played.  This information must be submitted at the time that they apply for admission to Holy Angels.

Academy of the Holy Angels is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. The fee for registering in the SEVIS program is $125.

Please be aware of the issue date and expiration date of your current I-20 when making travel plans. Your Holy Angels I-20 will not be issued until the end of September.  You must return to the United States before your current I-20 expires.

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