February 03, 2023

Angels Recognized as Examples of Inspirational Kindness

Isabella Novo, Ellie Sawyer, Joy Lee, and Victoria Perez Vega received the Academy of the Holy Angels’ Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award on February 3. Each winner is a reflection of the inspirational kindness for which S. Catherine was known.


Catherine was a member of the AHA Religious Studies Department from 1982 to 2014. Those who knew this School Sister of Notre Dame remember her ready smile, nurturing spirit, and her willingness to offer a sympathetic ear and warm encouragement. The award established in her name honors the many current Angels who exhibit exceptional attitudes every day.


Isabella Novo of River Vale, the senior honoree, is described as the kindest of souls, and a constant source of support. Novo’s positive choices and dedication to doing the right thing are an inspiration to her friends.


“She always takes time out of her day to check in on the people in her life,” a friend wrote. “She truly listens when someone talks and cares about how you are doing.”


Friends nominated junior Ellie Sawyer of Weehawken for her warm heart, kind smile, and genuine nature. Sawyer lets people “know they are loved, listened to, and appreciated when they interact with her,” according to her friends.


One Angel said, “She always looks out for others and is passionate about her friends and their well-being. She is a bright and lovable person, her joy is truly infectious, and her care for others is unmatched.”


Sawyer is described as “one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. She never fails to ask how you are doing. She is always looking out for others and cares about what you are feeling. She is an amazing person and a true angel.”

Joy Lee, a sophomore from Tenafly, lights up AHA’s hallways. Classmates say her friendliness, positive energy, and contagious smile lift others’ spirits. 


One person said Lee “creates a very comfortable environment in our class through her bubbly personality.”


She is also known for her humor. A friend shared that Lee tells stories that make her laugh until she cries.


“Her exceptional spirit of kindness is shown everyday as she cares deeply for each of her friends, being there for them through their ups and downs. I am inspired by her kindness each and every day,” a peer said of Lee.


Victoria Perez Vega is always ready to lend a helping hand. This ninth grader from Cliffside Park is kind to everyone and always has something positive to say. Friends say she is always there for them, and for acquaintances.


“She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and she is always putting other people before herself,” one friend said.

Another Angels shared, “Whenever she walks by me in the hallways she always says hello and waves. This small act of kindness can make my day so much better and makes her truly deserving of this award.”


Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit nominations for this award to AHA Dean of Students Andréa Beyer. Kindness Award winners are announced at the end of each quarter.