high school students playing basketball, jumping, coach featured.

Athletic Staff                    
Patti Gorsuch, BA  »       Athletic Director         Ext 222  
Lauren Kravitz »       Athletic Tranier            
Bill Potkulski »       Coach: Varsity Soccer, Varsity LAX            
Sean Liddy »       Assistant Coach: Varsity Basketball, Varisty Soccer            
Emma Bolton »       Coach: JV Soccer            
Jessica Leto »       Coach: Varsity Tennis            
Sue Liddy »       Coach: Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball, JV Tennis            
Stacey Shapiro »       Coach: Varsity Gymnastics            
Rosie Spano »       Assistant Coach: Varsity Gymnastics            
Howard Schuman »       Coach: Varsity Winter and Spring Track, Varsity XC            
Pete DeVries »       Coach: Freshmen Basketball, Varsity Softball            
Patrick Dunne »       Coach: Varsity Bowling, Varsity Golf            
Alex Gregorek »       Coach: JV Basketball            
Staisean Lyew »       Assistant Coach: Winter and Spring Track, XC            
Nick Veneroso »       Assistant Coach: Winter and Spring Track, XC            
Megan Dippolito »       Assistant Coach: Spring Track, XC            
Diana Kinney »       Assistant Coach: Spring Track            
Patrick Curren »       Coach: Varsity Fencing            
Colleen Surovich  »       Coach: Varsity Volleyball            
Alyssa Cataldo »       Assistant Coach: Varsity Softball            
Elizabeth Paccione »       Coach: JV Volleyball
Assistant Coach: Varsity Volleyball

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