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April 18, 2024

NJHS Welcomes Middle Schoolers

Twenty-seven Academy of the Holy Angels Middle School students who demonstrate scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship have entered the National Junior Honor Society. AHA’s second group of inductees includes Yasmin Almimeh, Anelle Avallone, Chloe Burkards, Emma Castillo, Taylor Cho, Ashley Choi, Charlotte Conover, Emma Dahl, Hannah George, Eftihia Giannikos, Brenna Kim, Claire Kim, Hannah Kim, Bogna Lekan, Joanna Lee, Camila Martinez, Ella Menapace, Reina Mercado, Ella Myung, Lily Ospino-Lopierre, Lena Park, Ava Pereymybida, Rebeccah Shippie, Sparrow Smith, Chloe Sohn, Isabella Tomeo, and Vivianne Van Ost.

NJHS inductees, Upper School Principal Jean Miller, Adviser Maria Zaorski, and Middle School Dean Traci Koval.


NJHS Adviser/English teacher Maria Zaorski welcomed everyone to the April 18 induction ceremony, which was led by two of AHA’s charter members, NJHS President Lizbeth George and Vice President Cristyn Lindsay. Five charter members also spoke about the organization’s pillars. Those speakers included Kaci Li, scholarship; Chloe Zaladonis, service; Maria Petrou, leadership; Kaelyn Malig, character; and Ava Cifelli, citizenship.

Principal Miller, the charter NJHS members, and Dean Koval.


AHA Middle School Dean Traci Koval, AHA Upper School Principal Jean Miller, and Mrs. Zaorski formally inducted the society’s newest members. Lizbeth George led the pledge.


In her congratulatory comments, Principal Miller noted the importance of continuing to uphold the honor society’s ideals.

“With each achievement comes more responsibility,” Miller observed.


Miss Koval added the importance of accepting life’s challenges.


“Always strive for excellence,” Koval urged the NJHS members.