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June 14, 2021

AHA Blog: Summer Is Here! Time to Unwind

June is here. The weather is perfect and it’s finally time for some serious relaxation. The past two academic years have been extraordinary, to say the least. Keeping virtual and hybrid classes engaged, racing to find available COVID-19 vaccines, and staying safe and healthy are just a few of the challenges educators have faced. This summer, the Holy Angels community is planning to unwind and find joy in a variety of ways.


“I find that I am energized by time with my family: my adult children and their families,” says AHA Director of Campus Ministry Kathleen Sylvester. “So, this summer, I will have time at the beach with my children and my grandchild. My granddaughter and her parents will live with us this summer as they look for housing in this area, and we will get to spend quality time with Madison!” Sylvester will also travel to Indiana for her son’s wedding.


AHA Librarian Catherine Korvin adds, “I will visit my granddaughter in Maryland and she will visit us. Playing with her and taking care of her will fill me with joy. I intend to visit museums and take day trips to the city, and lunch at favorite spots.”


Erin McGee, physical education and health teacher, says her idea of relaxation is “spending as much time on the beach as possible!”


AHA DEI Director Danielle Holmes is mapping out some exciting hikes. She also plans to use some discount offers to enjoy a massage or try a new restaurant.

“If it’s open, I will enjoy time in the swimming pool,” she adds.


“I am looking forward to visiting with family and not following any planned agenda. Being together will be enough!” religious studies teacher AnnMarie Ryan shares.


AHA Performing Arts Director Dan Mahoney will take a cruise and later visit Las Vegas, where he hopes Lady Luck will smile on him.


Another staff member will be taking day trips to favorite birding spots to watch nesting bobolinks, meadowlarks, grasshopper sparrows, hooded warblers, yellow-throated vireos, indigo buntings, cliff swallows, and more. She will also renovate an old garden bed, and read Daphne du Maurier novels while sitting in the hammock.


Whatever path you choose, have a wonderful summer. We’ll see you in September!