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December 06, 2020

AHA Blog: Kay’s Top Five Technology Gifts

Posted by Kayla Pringle, AHA Class of 2020


As the holiday season comes around once again, we all need gift ideas for those who are dear to us! In this age of technology, it can be extremely difficult to think of great gifts that cater to the wishes of those we love. Here are my favorite technology themed gifts that could make your favorite people joyous, too!


Laptop/TabletDo you know someone who enjoys using a touch screen laptop/tablet? I have my eye on a laptop that is accompanied by a pen and features a detachable keyboard so it’s also a tablet. Overall, it seems like a wonderful gift.


Portable Charger Wallet
Wallets and phones are two common items carried by nearly everyone. Recently, people have begun carrying portable chargers to ensure that their phones remain charged. These days, there is a way to lighten the burden of these objects: a combination portable charger and wallet. My charger/wallet serves me well, as it fully charges my phone and keeps my cash and cards safe. This item comes with a nice strap, so I can wear it around my wrist.

Ten-foot Charger
Traveling with a charger can be a bit of a hassle, and can lead to excessive wear and tear that ends in failure. Chargers that are carried around tend to get thrown into every bag, and twisted and pulled wires end up exposed. This holiday season, buy your tech-loving friends a charger to leave at home. I recommend a 10-foot charger. This inexpensive item stretches all around the room and stays at home so charging is easy.


EarbudsI use earbuds all the time. I chose earbuds that have a long battery life, very good sound quality, and a case that keeps them charged. Be sure to find earbuds that fit well. Look for ones that come with multiple pieces so you can alter the shape.


Light Up Mirror
A good mirror with lighting is essential. Mine was a gift from my mother last Christmas, and I put it to use every time I apply makeup. My mirror allows me to dim and brighten the lights so I can prepare for different lighting conditions Bonus: It’s portable and can be taken on trips.