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Assumption University

Assumption University

Admissions Scholarships & Scholarship Program



• Admissions Requirements and Criteria. The University shall automatically grant admission to any Student who meets the following criteria:


• The Student is in good academic and disciplinary standing with School at the time of admission, and at all relevant times thereafter;


• The Student has achieved a grade point average (“GPA”) of 3.0 or above, with the University reserving the right to evaluate Students below this GPA threshold; and


• The Student completes and submits the Common Application, one (1) letter of recommendation, and his or her academic transcript.


• Merit Scholarship. Authorized representatives of the Academy of the Holy Angels will receive the Assumption University merit award structure at the beginning of each year, laying out the requirements and dollar amounts for each merit level. All students admitted to the University through the Admissions Program shall receive a minimum of the published merit scholarship from the University (renewable annually). This merit award is renewable annually on the condition that the student maintains good academic progress as defined by the University and as set forth in the University’s Student Handbook.


• All Students admitted to the University through this Admissions Program shall also receive the Brassard Scholarship in the amount of twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500).


• Timing of Admissions Decision. All Students who apply to the University as part of this Admissions Program shall receive an admissions decision from the University within seven (7) days of submitting the application and documents described in Section 2.1 herein.


• Nursing and Dual Degree Programs. This Admissions Program guarantees admission to qualified Students to the University’s undergraduate program. Admission to the University’s nursing program and dual degree programs shall be made at the discretion of the Dean and/or director of the individual program.