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April 11, 2024

Continuing a Legacy of Kindness

Seven Holy Angels students who demonstrate exemplary kindness have received the Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award. Upper school students Evelyna Pavlatos, Isabella Wisniewski, Lilly Tsurushima, and Sophia Rendo; and middle school students Elizabeth McCann, Emma Cheng, and Kaelyn Malig were honored April 10.


Each award winner carries on the legacy of S. Catherine, a School Sister of Notre Dame, who taught religious studies at AHA from 1982 to 2014. This long-time educator is remembered as an attentive listener with an encouraging nature and a ready smile. A decade after she left AHA, S. Catherine’s caring spirit continues within the current student body.

Lilly Tsurushima, Sophia Rendo, Evelyna Pavlatos, and Isabella Wisniewski received the S. Catherine Green Kindness Award..


Evelyna Pavlatos (’24) was honored for inspiring optimism in others, helping peers with difficult academic concepts, putting others first, and helping friends feel better when they experience challenges.


“Whenever I am upset or stressed, she reassures me with positivity and reminds me to keep going even when I am frustrated,” a friend said.


Isabella Wisniewski (’25) is known as a generous, active listener who lets others know they are loved through her acts of kindness. She is described as someone who is always ready to offer advice or share a snack.


“She remembers the little things and, if something big is going on, she will check in and offer encouragement,” a classmate wrote.


Lily Tsurushima (’26) is described as loyal, compassionate, supportive, funny, and charismatic.


“She always tries to include people when she sees they are alone and genuinely wants them to be a part of the group,” a peer said.


Another person wrote, “Her optimistic and funny personality make her magnetic and the is always there to reassure you and make sure you know you are not alone.”


Sophia Rendo (’27) was recognized for her genuine, welcoming, and thoughtful personality. Friends say she is always willing to help others, allows people to be themselves, and listens when friends need to talk.


“She makes my school day better because she is always smiling and spreading kindness wherever she goes,” a friend said.

AHA Middle School’s Kindness Award winners are Elizabeth McCann, Kaelyn Malig, and Emma Cheng.


Kaelyn Malig (’28) is known to friends as a sweet, polite, helpful person who inspires others to emulate her warm attitude.


“She always has a bright smile and happy aura that always makes you feel better,” one person wrote.


Another Angels said she helps everyone around her and, even when they don’t ask for help, she always asks to make sure that they are okay.”


Emma Cheng (’29) was honored for her “ray of sunshine” personality and contagious smile. Friends describe her as happy, bright, kind, loving, caring, and inspiring.


“She always makes you feel confident and happy,” a classmate shared. “She has a bubbly personality and can always find the bright side in any situation.”


Elizabeth McCann (’30) is known as someone who is polite, funny, helpful, and willing to put others first.

“She is always looking for things to make other people happy. She is also very cheerful and kind to others. She cares for everyone,” a friend said.


Another person said, “You can always count on her.”