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Meet Sharanya

Sharanya (’25) is a quintessential multi-faceted Angel. She is an entrepreneur, champion golfer, and first degree black belt in taekwondo. She is also fluent in English, Hindi, and French.

At the height of the pandemic, this enterprising young woman developed her own ice cream recipes, which she produced and sold to raise funds for COVID vaccination workers.

Motivated by the statistic that most packaging ends up in landfills, Sharanya launched OutBox, a website that allows people to list and order cardboard packaging from each other. This recycling effort is her contribution to curbing climate change.

At AHA, Sharanya is co-founder/co-president of Mathletes, where she fosters a love for knowledge and reasoning and develops her interest in number theory. The club also prepares students for competitions, such as the American Mathematics Competition 10b, where Sharanya recently finished second in the school.


This Angel shares her knowledge as a tutor for special needs and underprivileged children, a golf instructor, a French teacher through United Way Delhi, and an English teacher for Ukrainian adults and children.


During her SGS Frangible Towers: Weather and Environment Internship, she created Excel algorithms to manage data and served as a French translator at meetings with international business partners.

She earned gold medals on the National French Exam in 2023 and 2022, when her third place finish also earned her a certificate. She is a member of the French National Honor Society.


In addition to her “regular” Advanced Placement courses, Sharanya is self-studying AP Microeconomics. She is captain of her Wharton Global Youth Investment Competition Team, and recently participated in a UT Dallas Top Trader Stock Competition. 

Sharanya is president of the AHA Distributive Education Clubs of America organization, where she has earned fifth and sixth place finishes in state competition, and finished second in her section in international competition. She earned state and national awards in 2022 and 2023.


In 2023, Sharanya propelled the AHA Varsity Golf Team to its first state title. She has earned multiple top finishes, including first place at the NJPGA Preakness Valley Tournament, and two first place wins at the Pioneer Golf Tour Championship.


This year, she is vice president of her class and VP of JOY, a group that sings for senior citizens. She puts her love of engineering and coding to work as assistant captain of the AHA Robotics Team, and is active with Angels for Homelessness Awareness and Angels for Veterans.


Sharanya is also a Mother Caroline Scholar and a Nonna Dunphy Scholarship semifinalist.




  • You might spot Sharanya reading “Six of Crows.”
  • Her favorite cafeteria food is the sweet potato fries.
  • Her favorite subjects are math and economics.
  • She says best part about AHA is the community.

“AHA is like my second home. I make lasting friendships and learn to be better each day.”