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Evolution does not occur solely in nature. Academic programs can and must evolve as well. Over the years, our STEM program has evolved from four disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to five (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), and now to six (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math).




Growth and Progress


Holy Angels has long offered our students a program rich in the sciences and mathematics that prepared them for college majors and careers in STEM fields, teaching them to think critically and be passionate about their learning.


However, to truly be innovative, to help advance the world’s knowledge, students also need creativity, a vibrant imagination and the liberating feeling of no boundaries.

To make a lasting difference in the world, to contribute to the welfare of the common good, artistic vision and technical know-how need to be embedded in a value laden curriculum that will foster ethical judgment, moral decision making and the kind of integrity that weds knowledge to social justice.

Thus, STREAM represents the fullest interpretation of a STEM program, one that will enrich the minds and hearts of all the Holy Angels students who pursue these courses. 



Exciting Opportunities for Hands on Experience

More than just amazing courses, Holy Angels’ STREAM program offers many outside opportunities:

  • Research as close as Englewood Hospital and as far away as the surface of the moon EXMASS
  • The study of heavy metal contamination at the Meadowlands 
  • Workshop opportunities with colleges and philanthropic organizations
  • Career education through first-hand experiences with alumnae and others in healthcare careers 
  • A chance to create interdisciplinary projects with 3D printing and Project Greenhouse

Student recognition will be accorded through induction into one or all of our Honor Societies in Science, Art, and Mathematics.

If you believe in living simply, responsibly and sustainably as our Holy Angels community does…


STREAMline your future at Holy Angels!