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Experience a comprehensive survey of literature in a well-articulated curriculum. Ninth grade students study literary genres and conventions, along with literary terms that provide a vocabulary to be used in the analytical discussion of literature in classroom discussion and writing. Students go on to study American Literature, British Literature, and World Literature in a historical context, and develop skills in reading and writing.


Vocabulary instruction is provided during all four years and at all levels. As juniors and seniors write their literary research papers, they hone their research skills and become proficient in the use of databases. Independent readings, which are assigned every quarter, encourage Angels to read for pleasure and develop an awareness of a wide variety of literature.


Year-long courses use electronic texts, so a student may keep her textbook home while the book “lives” on her computer. E-texts include many interactive features that encourage students to highlight texts, annotate and save notes, and access electronic glossaries and background information about the author or literary era.


Our highly successful Advanced Placement Literature and Composition program provides an opportunity to study college-level literature and literary theory.


Juniors in High Honors English may sit for the AP Language and Composition exam. Students have maintained at least a 90% pass rate on the annual AP Literature and AP Language examinations.


Requirements: All students are required to take four years of the English course sequence.

Electives include: Creative Writing, which culminates in a student reading event; and courses such as Film, Journalism, and Communications, which explore career opportunities in field of communications, along with historical surveys and practical experiences in each subject. Students also enjoy visits from professionals in communications, including publishing, journalism, television, and radio.

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